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Date of Release : 3/9/2022 March
Using Extraction and Purification Methods
Production of Algae and Biotechnology Products in Industrial and Technology Campus of Yazd University
Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology Company, located in Industrial and Technology Campus of Yazd University, succeeded in producing a variety of algal and biotechnological products using indigenous knowledge and students of this university.

According to the public relations of Yazd University, the CEO of Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology Company, pointing out that the company was formed with the aim of turning ideas into producing products, said: "This company was established in June with the cooperation and utilization of the knowledge of a group of students and faculty members in Biotechnology Department of Yazd University in order to use science practically.

Stating that Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology Company is mostly active in the fields of microbial biotechnology and microbiology at Industrial and Technology Campus of Yazd University, Dr. Maryam Al-Sadat Mirbagheri Firoozabad said:  One of the products of this company is anti-algae substance.

Dr. Mirbagheri Firouzabad added, "The anti-algae compound can inhibit algae, as well as eliminating existing algae which result in neutralizing the spread process and maintaining the health of the water.

She called various types of anti-algae as aquarium anti-algae, anti-algaes of industries’ pools, agriculture and fish farming, and stated that this material can be used in all waters that suffer from algae growth problems in general. 

She enumerated algal fertilizer as one of the other products of the company, which increases germination, rooting, and resistance of plants against cold and frost, diseases, and tense situation of plants. Pointing out that this fertilizer can be an alternative to chemical fertilizers, the CEO of Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology company said: Algal fertilizer provides a wide range of valuable nutrients for different growth stages of plants.

According to Dr. Mirbagheri, the use of algal fertilizer in pastures increases nutrient uptake and protein levels. Eventually, it leads to a final high quality product.

Emphasizing the importance of dietary supplements for children, she announced the production of this product at Hakim Protozoa Biotechnology Company and said that dietary supplements are rich in specific nutrients and also contain active components that contribute to digestive or metabolic processes. They may also provide a combination of nutrients and active components.

The faculty member of the Department of Biology at Yazd University said, “the production of ficocyanin (blue pigment) has been done through the processing of single-celled algae in this company, which can be a natural powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to cure various diseases.”

Yeast extract is also being produced in Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology Company for applying in food industry, livestock and poultry supplements, laboratory and pharmaceutical uses.

In the end, Dr. Mirbagheri asked the provincial and national authorities to support this company and introduce investors that lead to massive production of products to be offered in domestic and foreign markets, and more implementation of students’ ideas and local knowledge in the field of biotechnology.