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Date of Release : 5/12/2018 May
With the aim of extending research and scientific activities
Yazd University & Italian environmental company sign MoU.
Yazd University and Montana S.p.A, an Italian environmental company, have signed a cooperation document aimed at development of research and scientific activities. ادامه مطلب در تارنمای دانشگاه یزد: (
The memorandum of understanding has been signed between Yazd University officials and Montana’s Chief Executive Officer and Head of Business Development, Lorenzo Nettuno. According to the MoU, Montana has agreed to cooperate with YU to launch a solar power plant system. Montana S.p.A. is an independent engineering company providing design, advisory and contracting services in the environmental fields since 1991. Yazd University has inked several memoranda of understanding with different world academic and research centers in order to boost research and scientific cooperation.