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Date of Release : 12/21/2021 December
Holding the International Conference on Genetics and Genomics of Iran at Yazd University
The International Conference on Genetics and Genomics of Iran began on Wednesday at Yazd University with the participation of a group of Iranian and foreign intellectuals and scientists.

The Head of the University, referring to the good reception of intellectuals and geneticists around the world from this scientific program, pointed out: “This conference will be held for the first time at Yazd University internationally by the Department of Biology of the University in collaboration with University of the Algarve of Portugal and Sechenov University of Russia and scientists from different countries of the world on Wednesday and Thursday, December 1st and 2nd.”

Dr. Abbas Kalantari, stating that genetics has a very long history and is a very important science, added: "Due to the increasing and high number of genetic diseases in Iran, which is higher than the world average and is the result of many consanguineous marriages, it was felt necessary to hold this international conference to explore new ways of producing biological products as well as treating genetic diseases, using the findings of the day."

He added: "The university decided to hold this conference with the same approach and is proud to host scientists from Russia, Portugal, France, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, China and the United States as well as domestic scientists." 

The Head of Yazd University reminded: "Exchange of views on human genetics, genetic therapies, common blood diseases (hemophilia, thalassemia) and cardiovascular is one of the sections of this conference, the results of which we hope will be used in research around the world."

He continued: "It is worthwhile for all of us to go beyond slogans and think about action and try to step on a path that is to produce knowledge and effort to meet the needs of society and not to obtain a degree, which certainly with this belief many problems will be solved easily in the shortest possible time.” 

The Head of the Iranian Genetics Association in this conference, referring to the enthusiastic and wide presence of researchers and scientists from Iran and different countries, said: Yazd province as one of the ancient lands with a variety of celestial ethnicities and religions is an example of cultural convergence. Today, there is an opportunity to think about the needs of life sciences and gather views and approaches on various scientific issues in order to develop innovative documents to solve basic science problems, paving the way for the development and progress of the country." 

Dr. Mahmoud Tavalaei expressed his hope that with this convergence and exchange of information, we will be able to achieve great goals in the field of health, molecular diagnosis, treatment of rare and incurable cancers. 

Dr. Mehri Khatami, Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Scientific Secretary of the Conference, also remarked: “The latest scientific findings in the form of numerous papers on the human kidney genetics, genetic counseling, stem cells, gene therapy, and topics such as bioinformatics, the diagnosis of genetic diseases, and a wide range of genetics will be presented to the conference secretariat for publication.” 

Referring to the importance of holding this conference in Yazd as one of the genetic hubs of the country, she said: "Educators, Scholars and experienced researchers are working in different universities of Yazd province, and this gathering and interaction with researchers and scientists in different countries of the world can be a turning point to introduce these activists in the field of medical science in our country.” 

Dr. Reyhaneh Chamani, Executive Secretary of the International Conference on Genetics of Iran, stated: “About 460 articles have been received through the conference website, and about 404 articles have been accepted as posters by the Scientific Committee, while 29 lectures will be given during these two days. At the end, the best poster and speech will be selected and gifts will be awarded.”