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Date of Release : 1/19/2022 January
By statistical analysis of financial and insurance data based on a new family of distributions
The First International Student of Yazd University Defended his Dissertation in his Doctoral Program.
Zubair Ahmad from Pakistan, the first international graduate of Yazd University defended his doctoral dissertation on Wednesday, January 12th.

According to the Bureau of the International Students (BIS) of Yazd University, Zubair Ahmad wrote his doctoral dissertation entitled "Statistical Analysis of Financial and Insurance Data Based on a New Family of Distributions" under the supervision of Dr. Issa Mahmoudi. It is worth mentioning that he was able to become the first non-Iranian graduate of Yazd University to pursue a doctorate.

The result of his research on this dissertation was the publication and acceptance of 15 ISI articles, of which 2 articles were published in Q1 journals and the rest in Q2 and Q3 journals. He started his doctoral studies in September 2018 at the Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences in the field of Statistics.