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Achivements-The Yazd University prided itself on taking the second place in Olympics, by an International student.
Taking the second place in Olympics in table Tennis races
Kobra Hezarei, an international student of Yazd University, coming from Afghanistan, could successfully take the second place in table Tennis races in the first round of the international students’ Olympics, held among all international students all over the country.
[11/30/2022 November]  
Achivements-Three faculty members of Yazd University were chosen to be among the top one percent of the world's distinguished scientists.
Based on the latest ESI (Essential Science Indicators) ranking results in 2022
According to the report released by International Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO), 840 Iranian researchers are among the most cited researchers, I.e. the top one percent of the world’s distinguished scientists, based on the latest ESL (Essential Science Indicators) ranking results in 2022.
[11/27/2022 November]  
Achivements-Production of Algae and Biotechnology Products in Industrial and Technology Campus of Yazd University
Using Extraction and Purification Methods
Hakim Protozoan Biotechnology Company, located in Industrial and Technology Campus of Yazd University, succeeded in producing a variety of algal and biotechnological products using indigenous knowledge and students of this university.
[3/9/2022 March]  
Achivements-A Graduate of Yazd University Won the Award of a Specialized Association in Europe.
Introducing the Best Doctoral Dissertation
A former graduate of Yazd University in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences won the award for the best doctoral dissertation of the European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS) entitled "Parametric Advances and Algebraic Geometry in Static Program Analysis".
[2/12/2022 February]  
Achivements-Yazd University Recognized its 21 Distinguished Researchers this Year.
A Ceremony was held to Honor the Distinguished Researchers of the University
The Ceremony of Honoring the Distinguished Researchers of Yazd University in 2021, with the Introduction and Celebration of 21 Faculty Members Who are the Researchers in Different Research Categories was held this Evening on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 in the Farhang Hall of this University.
[1/22/2022 January]