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News- عنوان
[1/7/2019 January]  
News-تست عکس خبر انگلیسی
[8/11/2018 August]  
15th general conference of the International Association of Universities (IAU) was held in Bangkok, Thailand attended by university presidents from all over the world during November 13-16.
[5/12/2018 May]  
News- YU & Flinders University consider common cooperative activities.
In a meeting in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Potential fields of cooperation between Yazd University and Flinders University of Australia were investigated in a meeting attended by Dr. Hossein Esmaeili, Prof. (Assoc.) of law and faculty member of Flinders University, and YU's faculty members in the department of law & political sciences
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-International Workshop on Scientific Tourism and Ecotourism in Yazd University.
The International & Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) reports:
ISCO reported the International Workshop on Scientific Tourism and Ecotourism was held in Mehriz Campus during February 14-15, 2017.
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-YU convokes members of the national committee of scientific relations with Hungary.
Members of the national committee of scientific relations with Hungary convened in Yazd University on May 24th, 2017.
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-Developing Iran-Hungary Scientific-Technological Relations.
YU's president and the accompanying delegation in Hungary:
A delegation of Iran's focal point of scientific cooperation with Hungary headed by YU's president; Prof. (Assoc.) Mohammad Saleh Owlia, traveled to Hungary in June, 2017.
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-Yazd University & Italian environmental company sign MoU.
With the aim of extending research and scientific activities
Yazd University and Montana S.p.A, an Italian environmental company, have signed a cooperation document aimed at development of research and scientific activities. ادامه مطلب در تارنمای دانشگاه یزد: (
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-Over 350 applications received from 31 different countries
A report on YU's Education application
During last month, more than 350 education applications were received from 31 countries, YU's head of non-Iranian students reported
[5/12/2018 May]  
News-Non-Iranian students
Yazd University's head of non-Iranian students announced a new education application system has been just launched for non-Iranian applicants.
[5/12/2018 May]