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Introduction to the Electronic and Open Education Center

The Electronic and Open Education Group at Yazd University has been established to fulfill educational responsibilities and to actualize the vision of Yazd University. It is dedicated to the pursuit of the following objectives and programs:

- Innovating educational capabilities and learning methods through the advancement of electronic education

- Creating an enabling environment to enhance access to higher education by both quantitatively and qualitatively developing virtual academic fields

- Facilitating students' access to inter-university resources by establishing infrastructure for hosting electronic seminars and webinars

- Contributing to the advancement of knowledge and skills in society by offering open courses

- Enhancing the skills of university students through the development of skill-based courses

- Supporting the development of language communication skills for university students through the establishment of a language center.

Access to online courses

To access the online courses offered by the university, students can visit the following website for student login:

For Iranian students, the user ID and password are, respectively, their student ID number and national identification number (excluding leading zeros if applicable). For non-Iranian students, both the user ID and password are their student ID number.

Contact information

Contact information for the center's specialists: +98035-31234025- 98035-31234027