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The Department of Graduates is a subset of the Deputy of Education at Yazd University and is responsible for matters related to graduate students.

The duties of the Department of Graduates include:

- Issuing temporary graduation certificates.

- Revoking the educational exemptions of eligible graduate students who have withdrawn or been expelled.

- Restoring educational exemptions for expelled and dropout students who have obtained permission to return to studies.

- Cancelling free education commitments.

- Issuing official diplomas and transcripts.

- Issuing rank certificates and GPA certificates for graduate students.

- Referring first-ranked bachelor's degree graduates to the National Assessment Organization.

- Responding to miscellaneous letters related to graduates.

- Final review of the entire file by the expert of the Department of Graduates.

The people in charge:

Currently, the head of the Department of Graduates is Dr. Mohammad Ali Amrollahi

 His contact information is as follows:

 - 📧 Email:  mamrollahi [at]

  - 📞 Phone: +98- 03531232676


The deputy Assistant of the Department of Graduates is Dr. Vahid Aboutalebi.

 His contact information is as follows:

 - 📧 Email:  mamrollahi [at]

  - 📞 Phone: +98- 03531232398


The experts if the Department of Graduates:

Ms. Narges Dehghan:

📞 Phone: +98- 03531234051


Ms. Leila Dehghan

📞 Phone: +98- 03531233464

Seyed Hamid Reza Fatemi

Phone: +98- 03531233513