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The Significance of Scientific Knowledge Exchange

The advancement of science and technology in any society relies on the acquisition of new knowledge, its development, and the expansion of knowledge frontiers across various fields. Undoubtedly, the exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences among societies is crucial and indispensable for achieving this important objective.


Responsibilities of ISCO

The International Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) of Yazd University serves as the responsible department for scientific and international communications. Its primary role is to establish suitable grounds for comprehensive international relations. In addition to handling daily administrative tasks, ISCO is responsible for managing Yazd University's interactions with internal and external research, educational, and executive institutions. The office also designs and implements policies and programs aimed at developing relationships with domestic and foreign universities and educational and research centers. It is important to note that this office operates under the supervision of Yazd University's presidency and has successfully established various memorandums of understanding and contracts with internal and external scientific and executive institutions for scientific, educational, and research cooperation. For a comprehensive list of Memorandums of Understanding between Yazd University and other academic institutions, please visit the following link.


Policies and Programs

Internationalizing Yazd University's activities and programs is a strategic goal, and institutionalizing international cooperation is deemed necessary. ISCO is responsible for managing faculty members' and students' scientific communications with both internal and external countries, organizing faculty members' and students' trips abroad for study opportunities and conference participation, signing Memorandums of Understanding with internal and external scientific institutions, hosting conferences, handling foreign student affairs, and more. 


Subsidiary Departments

ISCO oversees four subsidiary departments, namely:

1) The International Students' Office

2) The Consular and International Services Office

3) The Communication and Networking Office

4) The Planning and Branding Group 


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