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 Yazd University, established in 1988, is a distinguished public research institution located in Yazd, Iran. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the leading universities in the country. According to the EduRank 2023 rankings, Yazd University holds 25th among Iranian universities [1]. Furthermore, it ranks 1361st globally for Engineering and 77th overall in the SCImago Institutions Rankings 2022 [2].

The university has gained recognition for its remarkable research contributions, as evidenced by the publication of over 9,800 academic papers and the receipt of more than 86,000 citations by its faculty members since its inception. Moreover, Yazd University enjoys strong ties with industry, with a significant number of its graduates successfully pursuing careers in engineering, technology, and various other fields.

Yazd University has recently achieved notable rankings in prominent global ranking systems. In the 2021 Green Metric ranking system, encompassing comprehensive, industrial, and medical sciences, the university secured the 11th position nationwide [3]. Building on this success, it further attained the 10th position in the 2022 Green Metric ranking system [4]. Additionally, Yazd University achieved the 8th and 9th positions among comprehensive universities nationwide in the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) [5].In the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Yazd University achieved a global ranking of 1200-1001, an improvement over the previous two years. [6]

The university's presence in the esteemed Leiden global ranking system for three consecutive years is a testament to its academic standing. Furthermore, Yazd University has been included among the 36 universities eligible for consideration in the U.S. News ranking system [7]. These accomplishments underscore the university's unwavering commitment to excellence in education and research.

In addition to its impressive academic rankings, Yazd University is renowned for its international outlook. The institution has established partnerships with more than 100 universities worldwide and offers numerous student exchange programs. Moreover, Yazd University attracts a diverse community of international students from across the globe, enriching its multicultural environment.

Overall, Yazd University stands as a highly esteemed and respected institution within Iran. It is renowned for its prolific research output, strong industry connections, and global perspective.



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