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Dolat Abad Garden, Yazd, Iran

ü  Year of Foundation: Yazd University was founded in 1988.

ü  Student Population: The University currently has 14,470 students, with 44% male and 56% female.

ü  Academic Programs: The distribution of students across academic programs is as follows: 8% enrolled in Ph.D. programs, 27% in Master's programs, and 65% in Bachelor's programs.

ü  Campus Distribution: 87% of students attend classes during the daytime, 12% in the evening, and 1% at Azadi Campus.

ü  Field of Study Distribution: The distribution of students across fields of study is as follows: 37% in Humanities and Social Sciences, 33% in Engineering and Technology, 16% in Sciences, 3% in Natural Resources and Desert Studies, and 6% in Arts and Architecture.

ü  Residential Status: Among the students, 42% are dormitory residents, while 58% are non-dormitory residents.

ü  Faculty Members: Yazd University has a total of 480 faculty members, including 10% full professors, 31% associate professors, 56% assistant professors, and 3% lecturers.

ü  Administrative Staff: The University has 295 administrative staff members. 42% of them hold master's degrees and above, 38% have bachelor's degrees, 7% have associate degrees, 11% have high school diplomas, and less than 2% have below a high school diploma.

ü  Research and Academic Infrastructure: Yazd University has 12 research centers, 10 scientific research journals, 5 campuses, 2 schools, 15 faculties, and 11 independent departments. It offers 55 Ph.D. programs, 115 Master's programs, and 47 Bachelor's programs.

ü  Publications: The University has an average of 1.21 articles published in reputable domestic journals and one internationally recognized article annually. It also publishes 70 books each year.

ü  Campus Size: The University’s campus covers a total area of 380 hectares. This includes 30 hectares of green space, 23 hectares of infrastructure, 11 hectares of educational facilities, 7 hectares of dormitories, 1 hectare of a dining hall, 1 hectare of sports facilities, 30 hectares of roads, and 3 hectares of other areas.



 Marefat Park, Yazd University