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  Department of Electrical Engineering

TheDepartment of Electrical Engineering at Yazd University commenced its educational activities in 1992 with the admission of the first group of students in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, starting with 6 faculty members. Since then, the Department has witnessed remarkable growth and progress, expanding its academic offerings to encompass undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across various specializations. Over the years, numerous students have graduated from the faculty, holding prominent positions in industrial, educational, research, and academic institutions both within Iran and abroad.

Academic Excellence and Research Prowess:

Currently, the faculty boasts a team of 34 experienced full-time faculty members, specializing in three departments: Telecommunications, Power Systems, and Electronics and Control. This expertise positions the faculty as a frontrunner in the nation, dedicated to educating and nurturing skilled professionals to address the educational, research, and industrial needs of Iran in the field of electrical engineering.

The faculty's research endeavors have been equally impressive, with a notable record of publishing articles in prestigious journals and presenting at international conferences. Additionally, the faculty actively engages in conducting applied and industrial research projects, organizing successful conferences in the domain of electrical engineering, and fostering the establishment of knowledge-based companies.

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