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The Industrial Engineering offered by Department of Industrial Engineering, is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully meet challenges that they will face in today’s industries on a national and global level. The course provides engineers with detailed state-of-the-art knowledge of both traditional and advanced manufacturing technologies, systems integration techniques, economic analysis methods, and operations management practices and principles. Based upon this knowledge, students develop the ability to the design, implementation, and efficient operation of systems. The department’s computer center provides services to 60 workstations. The lecturers’ offices, PhD students and the staff of the department are all connected to this center. Four special sites are available for use by BSc, MSc and PhD students. The center has services for connection to the Internet and regularly holds specialized IE and IT training courses for the students and industry. The library of the Department of Industrial Engineering is currently housing a large number of books, periodicals, material resources, CDs and students’ thesis in specialized fields that aim to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students in their courses and research projects. A much greater collection book, period, CDs is available at the University Central Library.