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The Department of Geology of Yazd University was established with a Master's Degree in Engineering. Then, the first undergraduate geology program (applied geology) was created in 2009. As activities in this field developed, in order to meet the growing needs of the society in this area, according to the act of The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, the applied geology program swiched to "pure geology". In 2019, first group of international students in the master's level of engineering geology were admitted. The department of geology has 9 full time faculty members who provide the educational and research expertise required of Yazd University and Yazd Province. The department of geology has been equipped with several specialized laboratories such as mineralography, petrography, paleontology, photogeology, sedimentology, hydrogeology and engineering geology (rock mechanics and soil mechanics) which can respond to both educational and research needs of the students. Besides, the laboratories support geological end geoengineering studies of ongoing projects in Yazd Province and even other provinces.