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Research Laboratories

  • Petrography Lab
  • Mineralography Lab
  • Paleontology Lab
  • Sedimentology Lab
  • Photogeology Lab
  • Hydrogeology Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab

Head: Dr. Koorosh Rashidi
Telephone: +98 (35) 31233188
Introduction: The laboratories have been established over the past 8 years. These laboratories are equipped with different equipment with high quality for all researchers. In addition, the laboratories are prepared to provide training courses or advisory services as requested by researchers.

Equipment: Hand driven drilling machines for soil with sampling accessories and sample extractors; grain size analysis system with sieves and a vibration machine for grain size soils and hydrometers Bouyoucos 151 & 152 for fine grained soils; electronic balances; 1 oven; 8 Polarizing microscopes; oil-based rock saw; polishing/lapidary wheel; mineral and rock collection; thin section machine; mineral and rock thin section collection; 2000 kN electro-driven press for uniaxial strength measurements with electronic strain gauges for the determination of the Young Modulus and Poisson Ratio of the samples; the Hoek Triaxial Cell to determine the triaxial strength of rocks; digital point-load test apparatus; Brazilian test apparatus; an ultrasonic non-destructive digital tester for measuring the ultrasonic velocity through the stones in order to determine the dynamic elastic parameters; a driven core driller for surface rock sampling; a rock cutting machine; an electric abrasion-polishing machine for preparing rock samples for physical and mechanical tests; a portable Schmidt hammer for in situ hardness and uniaxial strength measurements; geological compasses; theodolite; GPS; borehole water samplers; borehole thermometers; portable pH meters and conductivity gauges for boreholes and lab tests; stream and river water velocity gauges; water level gauges for boreholes; and stereoscopes.