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 History of Yazd University


üWhen was Yazd University founded?

-  Yazd University was founded in 1988.

üWhere is Yazd University located?

             - Yazd University is situated in the city of Yazd, renowned for its architectural significance. 

üWhat is the current student population at Yazd University?

-  Yazd University has 14,470 students, with 44% male and 56% female.

üWhat are the enrollment percentages in different academic programs at Yazd University?

-   8% of students are enrolled in Ph.D. programs, 27% in Master's programs, and 65% in Bachelor's programs.

üWhat are the percentages of students in different fields of study at Yazd University?

-   37% of students are in Humanities and Social Sciences, 33% in Engineering and Technology, 16% in Sciences, 3% in Natural Resources and Desert Studies, and 6% in Arts and Architecture.

üWhat percentage of students reside in dormitories at Yazd University?

-   42% of students reside in dormitories, while 58% are non-dormitory residents.

üHow many faculty members does Yazd University have, and what are their ranks?

-    Yazd University has 480 faculty members, with 10% being full professors, 31% associate professors, 56% assistant professors, and 3% lecturers.

üWhat is the number of administrative staff at Yazd University, and what are their educational qualifications?

-   Yazd University has 295 administrative staff, with 42% holding master's degrees and above, 38% bachelor's degrees, 7% associate degrees, 11% high school diplomas, and less than 2% below a high school diploma.

üHow many research centers, scientific research journals, campuses, schools, faculties, and independent departments does Yazd University have?

-    Yazd University has 12 research centers, 10 scientific research journals, 5 campuses, 2 schools, 15 faculties, and 11 independent departments.

üHow many Ph.D., Master's, and Bachelor's programs does Yazd University offer?

-     Yazd University offers 55 Ph.D. programs, 115 Master's programs, and 47 Bachelor's programs.

üWhat are some highlights of Yazd University's achievements?

-     Yazd University has been ranked among the top 8 comprehensive universities in Iran for two consecutive years, ranked among the top 10 green universities in Iran, achieved recognition in various ranking systems, had highly cited researchers, achieved success in academic competitions and Olympiads, and received accolades for dormitories and sporting achievements.

üWhat are some international collaborations and partnerships of Yazd University?

-          Yazd University has established collaborations and Memorandums of Understanding with universities in Hungary, Germany, Bolivia, Poland, Iraq, Armenia, Romania, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Northern Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Austria, and Spain, facilitating international student exchanges.