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International and Scientific Cooperation Office

The advancement of science and technology in any society requires the acquisition, development, completion, and expansion of the frontiers of knowledge in various fields. Undoubtedly, to achieve this significant goal, exchanging knowledge and scientific experiences between societies is necessary and vital. Therefore, the Management of International and Scientific Cooperation at Yazd University, as the custodian of scientific and international relations, provides a proper perspective for comprehensive international relations. While performing its daily administrative duties, the Management of International and Scientific Cooperation at Yazd University deals with matters related to the university's interactions with domestic and foreign research centers, educational and executive institutions. It also designates and pursues policies and programs to develop relations with domestic and international universities and educational and research centers and make effective use of these relations. It is worth mentioning that this office is managed under the supervision of the University President and it is in connection with the development of any scientific, educational, and research cooperation; So far, as a trustee, it has succeeded in concluding various memorandums and agreements with domestic and foreign scientific and executive institutions. Internationalization of university activities and programs as a strategic goal and institutionalization of international cooperation as a necessity for the university is one of the fundamental goals in the Management of International and Scientific Cooperation.

At a glance, the Management of International and Scientific Cooperation is responsible for the matters related to scientific relations of the university, faculty members and domestic or international students scientific relations, faculty members and students travels for sabbatical leaves, conference participation, drafting memorandums of cooperation with domestic or international scientific institutions, holding conferences at the university, affairs of international students working at the university, etc.

The prominent points of view at the Management of International and Scientific Cooperation are:

  • Necessary investigations to evaluate the status of universities in other countries to develop cooperation programs with them in line with the internationalization policy of the university.
  • Fundamental studies to evaluate the position of universities in other countries to develop cooperation programs with them in line with the internationalization policy of the university.
  • Developing policies and programs related to international and regional relations and collaborations with other universities and international scientific and research centers to expand the university's reputation as much as possible in the international communities.
  • Studying and investigating for drafting contracts, agreements, protocols, and memorandums of understanding within the framework of assigned tasks to expand the scientific and educational capacities of Yazd University and following the contract clauses until the realization of the agreed cases.
  • Positioning and monitoring the status of university promotion indicators in international systems and following up on related matters.
  • Establishing and strengthening scientific communication and conducting affairs related to exchange programs and scientific cooperation with domestic and international scientific institutes and membership in scientific and international forums and following up on matters related to scientific agreements between Yazd University and the other side.
  • Establishing the coordination between universities, colleges, and other affiliated units concerning overseas activities.
  • Providing the necessary services for the university official delegations and the delegations and foreign guests of the university, in cooperation with the faculties and departments.
  • Planning, coordinating, and performing official meetings of university officials, sending qualified officers and staff abroad, and conducting all relevant correspondence.
  • Evaluating and following up on the Honorary Ph.D.certificates of Yazd University based on the suggestions of the faculties and departments according to the instructions and supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Translating the letters, publications and various reference documents into Persian and other languages ​​required by the university and its affiliated research institutes.
  • Organizing the agenda of international scientific and research conferences (seminars, congresses, symposia, and conferences) in cooperation with the faculties and the University Research Council and offering the required funds to the relevant authorities.
  • Carrying out matters related to sabbatical leaves and scientific trips and supervising their academic affairs in cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology.
  • Having collaboration to facilitate the participation of faculty members, staff, and university students in courses, international conferences, and scientific conferences.
  • Distributing and allocating the scholarships awarded to faculty members and distinguished graduates.
  • Notifying the information related to training courses, research awards, scholarships, scientific and international conferences for the faculty members and students.
  • Providing conditions for international students at different levels of education with the collaboration of educational groups.
  • Preparing the necessary bases to attract the cooperation of prominent personalities, professors, scientists, and prominent foreign and Iranian specialists residing abroad in cooperation with the Office of International Scientific Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  • Preparing, arranging, and implementing a program for Iranians abroad and foreign guests to visit the university.
  • Preparing memorandums of scientific cooperation with universities abroad and membership in scientific and international forums.
  • Taking care of matters related to foreign professors and researchers at the university.
  • Taking the necessary arrangements regarding the issuance of certificates and the introduction of professors and students to foreign embassies and the follow-up of consular affairs, the departure of university officials, and foreigners abroad.
  • Implementing the necessary steps to assign student teams to participate in world olympiads (scientific-sports).
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the president of the university.