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Bureau of International Students

Yazd University was founded in 1976. The university is developed over the years and currently has over 14,000 students. Yazd University has three campuses and two faculties, and a total of 27 departments.

Several majors are currently taught at the university, including 62 undergraduate, 108 graduate, and 48 doctoral programs. The university currently has more than 470 faculty members, 400 staff, and 14,470 students, which has made it a comprehensive university in Iran.

Three faculty members of Yazd University are among the top 1% of scientists in the world. Furthermore, according to the ranking of universities by the Times Institute, Yazd University is ranked 13th among Iranian universities, and 200th among the prominent universities in the world. Besides, during the past years, Yazd University has achieved outstanding achievements in research activities, including the publication of 150 books and 11 scientific journals.

Along with scientific advances, the university site has also been expanded significantly. The site of Yazd University has an area of 380 hectares and is located at the Pajohesh crossroads. Over 150 hectares of this area have been allocated to the buildings of the leading site of the university, and 30 hectares of the buildings are allocated on the eastern side of the university. In addition, the university's urban green space is over 30 hectares, and 24 hectares are dedicated to the university buildings. This expansion is all because of the university's administrators, staff, faculty members, and students.

The admission of international students is to develop the international identity of Yazd University, more stable and fruitful international relations, entering the market of qualitative and scientific competition with prestigious universities and world centers, as well as the development of Persian language, the introduction of Islamic Iranian culture and civilization and the exchange of information, ideas, knowledge, and art. All admission rules follow the regulations and procedures for admission of international students in universities and higher education centers of Iran. The admission process is to achieve the following goals:

  • Developing the international scientific identity and communication.
  • Realizing more stable and fruitful international relations.
  • Entering to the market of qualitative and scientific competition with distinguished universities and centers.
  • Developing the Persian language and literature and rich Islamic-Iranian culture.
  • Introducing, publishing and expanding Islamic excellence ideas.
  • Providing exchange of information, thoughts, knowledge and art.
  • Providing a suitable platform for the study of talented students from other countries in order to respect for human dignity and values.
  • Expanding the scientific and cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other countries in the framework of the macroeconomics of the Islamic Republic of Iran and promoting the country's position in the international arena.
  • Introducing the city and university of Yazd in international forums.
  • Helping to strengthen the scientific basis of neighboring countries as well as other countries.