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Bureau of Consular and International Services

The Bureau of Consular and International Services at Yazd University was established in early October 2017 to facilitate consular services to the non-Iranian academic community in Yazd Province. This office was officially opened in March 2018. As a section of the Ministry of Science in Yazd province, this office is inherently responsible for providing consular services such as issuing a passport, student visa, extending a student residence permit, multiple and double visas, etc. These duties facilitate students' services to cut off students' relations with government, political and disciplinary institutions. By observing moral principles, brotherhood, and equality, and with the cooperation of the Consular Office, the passport and immigration police of Yazd province is suitably doing their duties.

Currently, in this office, services such as registration of SAORG system, counseling for the process of obtaining a passport, issuance of E student visa, issuance of student residence and their spouse and children residence, the extension of student and their families residence  (spouse and children of male students), issuance of Multiple visas, issuance of definitive exit visas, issuance of certificate delivery licenses are well provided.

In addition to providing services to international students of Yazd University, this office also provides services to international students of other universities and institutions of higher education in Yazd province. For this purpose, students can refer to this office during the week, except Thursdays and Fridays from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, to follow up on consular services or communicate with this office through communication channels.