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 The introduction of the Consular and International Services

The Consular and International Services of Yazd University, with the aim of facilitating consular services to the non-Iranian community in Yazd Province, commenced its operation at Yazd University at the beginning of October 2018 and was officially inaugurated in February 2019. This office, as a unit under the Ministry of Science in Yazd Province, is inherently responsible for providing consular services such as passport issuance, obtaining educational visas, obtaining and extending student residence permits, obtaining exit and re-entry visas, etc. This responsibility has been delegated to this office in order to facilitate services to international students and with the aim of cutting off students' communication with governmental, political, and law enforcement agencies. 

Responsibilities of Consular Services Office

1. Registering students in the saorg system (Student Affairs System)

2. Advising on the process of obtaining passports

3. Issuing educational visas

4. Issuing student residence permits for students, spouses, and children of students

5. Extending student residence permits

6. Issuing exit and re-entry visas

7. Issuing final exit visas

8. Issuing permission for the delivery of educational documents

9. Providing services to international students at Yazd University and other universities and higher education institutions in Yazd Province

10. Offering services to international students from other universities and higher education institutions

11. Operating during weekdays (except Fridays and Saturdays) from 7 AM to 11 AM

12. Establishing communication with the department through various communication channels

These responsibilities indicate that the Consular Services Office is responsible for assisting international students with various administrative and immigration-related processes.

The Important links to follow

1. Address of the saorg system for registration and confirmation by Yazd University:


2. Tracking registration in the saorg system:


3. Initial registration to receive any consular services:


4. Guide for completing the initial registration form:


5. How to obtain passports for Afghan students:


6. Important notice for students without visas:


7. Visa application form:


8. Visa acquisition method:


9. Steps to obtain Kish Island visa:


10. Visa explanations:


11. Residence permit acquisition process:


12. Residence permit renewal method:


13. Steps to change the status of immigrant students residing in Iran:


14. Links to consular groups in virtual space:


15. Office hours and postal address:

The person in charge

Currently, the head of the Consular and International Services Office is Ms. Maryam Aboutalebi. Her contact information is as follows:

 - 📧 Email: 

  - 📞 Phone: +98- 03531234057