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The Planning and Branding Group: An Introduction

Established under the auspices of the International Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) in 2018, the Planning and Branding Group was instituted at Yazd University with the principal objective of bolstering the university's standing and introducing it to the global scientific community. The group's core responsibilities encompass a wide array of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the university's international visibility and fostering scientific collaborations.

The responsibilities

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Planning and Branding Group at Yazd University are as follows:

1. Conducting comprehensive studies on the status of indicators relevant to elevating the university's position in diverse international ranking systems.

2. Devising plans for the implementation of specialized programs and strategies outlined in the university's strategic plan for international scientific and research collaborations.

3. Effectuating the execution of scientific agreements that have been formalized with various countries.

4. Undertaking the quantification, documentation, and modeling of all extant processes within the purview of management and administration.

5. Developing and executing measures designed to augment Yazd University's branding efforts, both on a national and international scale.

6. Showcasing the educational and research capabilities of Yazd University to attract foreign students through active participation in international exhibitions, as well as through the regular updating of international websites and the production of promotional materials such as brochures, catalogs, and videos.

7. Prioritizing international activities within the university's overarching strategic plan.

8. Establishing committees and working groups dedicated to international initiatives and collaborations.

9. Integrating assessment indicators for international activities into the university's executive programs.

10. Establishing an agile administrative structure to facilitate research, data collection, and analytical reporting within the university's operational framework.

Introduction to Ranking Systems

Competition has led to the establishment of a new evaluation system for universities, known as ranking, which entails the recognition of an institution's position in comparison to others based on a composite measurement of criteria and indicators. This ultimately results in a ranked list of universities and institutions. Presently, these rankings are considered an integral part of the higher education system, as only through systematic and structured monitoring can continuous improvement in quality be achieved. Therefore, precise and comprehensive performance indicators can facilitate the ranking of these institutions or create a competitive environment, enabling rapid progress and the attainment of higher education goals. Familiarity with ranking systems and their indicators is an unavoidable necessity in formulating the strategic plans of universities.


Various ranking systems are utilized worldwide, and numerous organizations and institutions are specifically engaged in this activity as part of their operations.


The ranking of universities is conducted based on various criteria and indicators, including research, international reputation, facilities, and social and economic activities. Universities included in these rankings possess the necessary attributes and indicators for the growth and advancement of the country.


The objectives of ranking systems can be summarized as follows:


- Assisting in increasing students' awareness for comparing high-quality institutions worldwide and selecting a suitable institution for their studies.

- Encouraging healthy competition among higher education institutions.

- Facilitating greater differentiation among various types of institutions, educational programs, and fields of study.

- Clarifying the position of knowledge production among higher education institutions and delineating their strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas.


The most significant ranking systems in which Yazd University participates are as follows:


The person in charge:

Currently, the head of the Branding and Planning Group is Ms. Mojgan Sharifian. Her contact information is as follows:

 - 📧 Email: 

  - 📞 Phone: +98- 03531234034