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The Planning and Branding Group

Internationalization of university activities and programs is considered a strategic goal, and international cooperation is considered necessary for the university. By achieving this strategic goal, we prioritize international activities in the university strategic plan, including forming various committees and working groups in the international field. With the revision of the organizational structure of the management of international and scientific cooperation in 2017, the planning and branding group at Yazd University was established. Its most important plans are to increase its prestige and introduce the university to international scientific forums.

  • To investigate the status of university promotion indicators in different international ranking systems and participation in improving the university's academic ranking at the international level.
  • To plan for implementing programs and strategies formulated in the unique strategic programs for international scientific-research cooperation and continuous monitoring.
  • To investigate how to implement scientific agreements with different countries.
  • Statistical documentation and modeling of all existing processes in the management and administration and related groups aim to update, improve, and continuously monitor them.
  • To plan and implement measures to promote the image and brand of the university in the vision of national and international audiences and introduce the university's scientific capabilities in the international arena.
  • To provide extra-organizational information exchange to introduce the university's educational and research capabilities and attract international students by participating in international exhibitions, updating the international site, printing brochures, catalogs, and promotional videos.