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Persian Language Teaching Center

The Persian Language Teaching Center of Yazd University was founded in 2019 with the aim of teaching Persian Language to non-Persian speakers. Learning Persian Language at the Persian Language Teaching Center is more than just a language course, it is also an opportunity for you to discover a country and their day to day life. Learning Persian language gives you an opportunity to learn Persian Language for everyday life, for your job, or preparation for university studies or just to speak Persian language for fun. The mission of PLTC is not only teaching four main Persian Language skills, but also familiarizing learners with Iranian rich literature, history, art and culture.

• Teaching Persian language to foreign students to continue their education in different universities in Iran

• Teaching Persian language to orientalists who study on history, culture and customs of Iranians

• Increasing the knowledge of Persian language teachers abroad

• Teaching Persian language to non-Persian speakers who follow commercial, industrial and other purposes in Iran

• Cooperation and signing memorandum of establishing and development of centers for teaching Persian language to non-Persian speakers with universities in other countries and Orientalists organizations

• Sending Persian language teachers to applicant countries

• Arranging art courses, visiting historical sites, museums and tourist attractions for Persian learners.