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Robabeh Hajian
Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department - Mineral Chemistry

Academic Education

DegreeStartEndUniversityField of Education
PhD20072012Isfahan Universityinorganic chemistry
MS20032006Yazd Universityinorganic chemistry

Executive Positions

StartEndOrganizationJob Title
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Courses Presented

Courses Presented
GeneralChemistry 1
Inorganic Chemistry 2
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 1,2
Inorganic Chemistry 1‎
Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chemical Application of Group Theory
Kinetics and Mechanism of Inorganic Reaction
AdvancedInorganic Chemistry
Safety in the Laboratory

Research Field

Research Fields
Synthesis and Characterizationof Schiff Base Metal complexes
Investigation of Catalitic Activity of metalloporphyrins and polyoxometals inOrganic Reactions

Contact Information

rhajian [at] Department of Chemistry
31232647 38210644
Meeting Room Google Scholar (H-Index: 6)