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Mahdi Hasanzadeh
Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering Department - Textile Chemistry

Academic Education

DegreeStartEndUniversityField of Education
PostDoc20172018Sharif University of TechnologyNanotechnology and Advanced Materials
PhD20122016University of GuilanTextile Engineering (Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science)
MS20092011Amirkabir University of TechnologyTextile Engineering (Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science)
BS20052009University of GuilanTextile Engineering (Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science)

Executive Positions

StartEndOrganizationJob Title
2019-International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical EngineeringAssociate Editor

Courses Presented

Courses Presented
Advanced Microscopy and Laboratory
Physical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
Fibers Identification Laboratory

Research Field

Research Fields
Nanostructured and Advanced Materials
Polymer Nanofibers and Fibrous Nanocomposites
Polymer and Fiber Modification
Tissue Engineering and Polymeric Wound Healing
Industrial Textiles

Contact Information

m.hasanzadeh [at]
Engineering Faculty's Building
31232569 38209817