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Mohsen Khajeh Aminian
Associate Professor, Physics Department - Solid State

Academic Education

DegreeStartEndUniversityField of Education
PostDoc20082010National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)Nanostructure Photocatalytic Materials
PhD20032008Sharif University of TechnologyPhysics
MS19992001Sharif University of TechnologyPhysics
BS19951999Sharif University of TechnologyElectrial & Communication Engineering

Executive Positions

StartEndOrganizationJob Title
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Courses Presented

Courses Presented
Fundamental Physics 1, 2 , 3
Madern Physics, Electromagnetism
Special Issue of Condensed Matter Physics
Nano Physics and Fundamental of Nano Physics
Renewable Enegy 2
Surface Physics & Thin Films
Advanced Surface Physics I

Research Field

Research Fields
Ceramic Nano Pigments and Glazes
Properties of Nanoparticles and nanostructures
Photocatalytic and Self-cleaning Properties of Materials and Coatings
Physics and Chemistry of Interface of Layers
Caculation of Physical and Optical Properties of Nanopigments Using DFT/TDDFT
ِDigital Ink-Jet Printing on Ceramic Tile

Contact Information

kh.aminian [at] Physics Department, Faculty of Science
31232784 38200132