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Seyed Ebrahim Seifati
Assistant Professor, Environmental and Desert Studies School - Management in the Arid Regions

Academic Education

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Executive Positions

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Courses Presented

Courses Presented
Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Functional Genomics
Biotechnology and Plant Breeding
New Topics in Biotechnology
Biometry and Advanced Statistical Methods
Application of Radio Isotopes in Agriculture

Research Field

Research Fields
Phytochemistry, Molecular and Mutation Breeding of Saffron
Molecular and Mutation Breeding of Quinoa (Genomics and Transcriptomics )
Phytochemistry and Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants related to Cancer and Infertility
Biotechnology and Biometry for Drought and Salinity Tolerance of Crops
Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics of Tritipyrum, a New Salt‐Tolerant Cereal

Contact Information

seifati [at] Natural Resources and Desert Studies School's Building