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Engineering Research Center

A. Roads and Transportation Research Center: The objective of the establishment of this center at present is only to estimate the specialized needs related to higher levels of science. With regard to extensive construction activities and high volume of investment in transportation domain including roads, railways, and airports the necessity and importance of establishing such center is clear and has a special priority.

B. Photonics Research Group: Photonics is the science and the technology of producing photons and is a key technology in 21st century. It has a vital role in different fields including information and communication, lighting, security, defense, biology, and environment. 

Research fields: 

From the new research field of this group we can refer to new generation of solar cells including dye sensitized solar cells, solar cells sensitized with quantum dots, solar cells sensitized with plasmonic, and polymer solar cells. This research group aims to gain knowledge of the new generation of solar cells and design and produce nanostructured sensitized systems as well as organic solar cells with heterogonous structure.