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Introduction and Background

The Human Development Research Center of Yazd University has been actively engaged since 1394 (2015) in addressing the scientific and research needs of Yazd province, as well as the broader scientific and research needs of the country. Its primary goals include research, studies, consultation, and publications in the field of human development, with emphasis on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental issues at the local, national, and international levels.

Research Groups

The center is currently comprised of two research groups: "Quality of Life Studies" and "Social Health Studies," both of which received official approval from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in Mordad 1397 (July 2018). 

Objectives and Contributions

The center aims to solve social issues specific to Yazd province, as well as contribute to the overall development of Iran's society by promoting the application of social sciences in societal management.  

Collaborations and Support

Since its establishment, the Human Development Research Center has collaborated with various provincial institutions and organizations, including the Governorate, Municipality, Cooperative Office, Labor and Social Welfare Organization, Welfare Organization, Anti-Drug Headquarters, Broadcasting Organization, Civil Registration Organization, Gas Company, Planning and Budget Organization, and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation. These collaborations have resulted in the approval of numerous research projects and financial support for postgraduate theses. 

Capacities and Operations

Equipped with scientific and human capacities in the fields of humanities and social sciences, the Human Development Research Center operates in collaboration with eight faculties and independent groups, comprising experienced professors in various disciplines, along with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. It is poised to provide scientific support to provincial, regional, and national executive bodies and can even leverage the scientific capabilities of other disciplines within Yazd University or other universities across the country, as well as researchers outside the province if necessary. The center, with its two research groups (Quality of Life and Social Health), has access to library facilities, computer labs, meeting rooms, study halls, and various workshops, along with scientific and research publications. These topics provide a clear breakdown of the text, allowing for a better understanding of the different aspects discussed in the given information. 

The Director 

The director of the Human Development Research Center is the individual listed below, along with their contact information:

Name: [Dr. Mohammad Torkashvand]

Email: [ m.torkashvand [at]]

Phone: [ +9803531233970]