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An Introduction:  

The initiation of activities by this center transpired in the year 2017 with the primary objective of establishment, culminating in its official elevation to the status of the International Wind Catcher Research Center (WCRC) in 2018 The organizational structure of the center encompasses two distinct research groups, specifically identified as the "Wind Catcher Technology" and the "Modernization and Commercialization of Wind Catchers."

The overarching objectives of these research groups encompass the profound comprehension and acknowledgment of the fundamental concepts of "ventilation" and "wind catching" across various components of structures and urban environments, with the overarching aim of revitalizing these principles. Furthermore, these groups aspire to showcase contemporary exemplars while perpetuating traditional methodologies to mitigate cooling demands in contemporary architectural and urban planning contexts. Notably, pivotal objectives involve the widespread dissemination of historical documentation pertaining to wind catcher technology on a global scale and the advocacy for the cultural integration of natural ventilation practices within the country.

Situated within the expansive historical fabric of Yazd, the center's facilities and equipment, encompassing a library, workshop, laboratory, and physical space, afford an environment that grants students and academics access to diverse prototypes of traditional houses and wind catchers, fostering a profound understanding of historical architectural technologies. Leveraging the expertise of both university-affiliated and external researchers, the center possesses the capability to actively participate in research endeavors and studies addressing aspects of natural ventilation, as well as the reduction of energy consumption in cooling systems within both buildings and urban landscapes.

The Director: 

The leadership of the International Wind Catcher Research Center (WCRC)  is entrusted to Zeinab Emadian Razavi, who holds the position of Head.  For comprehensive information about her background and contributions,  interested parties are encouraged to explore her dedicated profile  available on the official website of Yazd University: