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  Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully meet challenges they face in today's complex environmental conditions and social requirements on national and global levels. The courses provide students detailed state-of-the-art knowledge of both traditional and contemporary architectural theories, vernacular architecture and urbanism, sustainability, and historic preservation. Based upon this knowledge, students develop their abilities in different designs and products. In addition, locating the Department in the historic area of Yazd city helps students to have a direct sense of the values of traditional architecture and recognize the pros and cons of living in a historical area.

The Department plays a major role in leading research and training programs focusing on the field of history and theory of traditional architecture in the central part of Iran. Emphasizing the preservation and implementation of spatial characteristics of traditional buildings is also helpful in the recruitment and training of specialists.

The Department offers one program of Architecture, in which the students are trained in Bachelor, Master and PhD, along with two programs of Master in Energy and Architecture as well as Architectural Conservation and Restoration. 

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