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  Department of Painting

The Department of Visual Arts is dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and learning and fostering cutting-edge research. DVA is redefining liberal arts education for the 21st century and is committed to an open Yazd University and student aid by making a Yazd University education accessible to students from all backgrounds.

The Department of Visual Arts cultivates skills in both practice and critical study of the visual arts. Its components include photography, video art, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, visual studies as well as critical theory. The Department comprises individuals working and teaching in all of these modes. The Department has a strong commitment to fostering dialogue among makers, critics, and theorists.

For graduates, the Department provides students in a liberal arts college with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the structure and meaning of the visual arts through both study and practice in diverse areas. The Department is committed to an integrated study of artistic practice, visual culture, and the critical study of the image. Our Department of practitioners, critics, and theorists works with students to develop both formal skills and a sophisticated understanding of the roles played by technical ability and individual invention in the creation of art. Visiting artists join the Department in order to explore current issues in contemporary art in the context of the Department's course offering, in exhibitions as well as public lectures scheduled to take place throughout the year. We emphasize the equipping of young artists whose ambitions are to become shapers of culture, whether as practicing artists, educators, or creative professionals.

Alumni (B.A. or M.A.) go on to pursue a wide range of interests in the art world. Those who establish gallery connections are able to work as studio artists, but the paths people choose often lead to other creative work as curators, critics, performance artists, arts administrators, gallery owners, event planners, set designers, illustrators and much more.

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