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Department of Arid Land and Desert Management's main goal is to train experts and professionals to play an effective role in sustainable management of these areas with full scientific and practical knowledge of the limitations and potentials of the deserted areas. Practical research related to arid and semi-arid regions is another Prophecy of this group. The department has been accepting students for master's degree and Ph.D. since 2007 and 2013, Respectively.

Department of Soil Science started its activities in 2009 at the undergraduate degree. Owing to outstanding scientific background of the department board and through scientific and research collaborations with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, the department has been able to train well-qualified experts in this area. The department has been accepting students for a master's degree since 2012. Currently, the department is accepting master’s students in the two fields of “Soil Chemistry and Fertility” and “Physics and Soil Conservation”.  

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology focuses on achieving the maximum impact from its research on plant biotechnology aspects. The first M.Sc. students in Agricultural Biotechnology were admitted in 2017. Well-equipped facilities and shared resources including Biotechnology laboratory, Cell and Tissue Culture laboratory, Research Greenhouses, Growth Chambers and Research Farms provide services to students and researchers. Our research mainly focuses on biotechnology of medicinal, industrial and aromatic plants, cell and tissue culture techniques, nuclear agriculture and mutation breeding strategies, plant cytogenetic, phytochemistry, breeding of agronomic and horticultural crops. Also our education programs span the entire spectrum of plant biotechnology aspects such as genetic engineering, molecular genetics, cell and tissue culture, traditional plant breeding, bioinformatics, biochemistry, breeding and biotechnology of medicinal plants.