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Theses and Dissertations

Analysis of development impacts on protected areas, based on landscape ecological approach (Study area: Gashtrodkhan & Seiamazgi Protected Areas). Toraj Sadeghi - 2020.

Identification and Modeling of Potential Habitat Desirability Based on Zooarchaeology and Ecological Data of the Ancient Rivi Hills Basin, Northern Khorasan, Iran. Abbas Naqibzadeh – 2018.

Assessment of the desirability of the potential habitat distribution and breeding of Hubara Bustard (Chlamydotis macqeenii) in Razavi Khorasan province. Asadipoor, - 2020.

The resiliency of Ecological Services in Urban Environment (Case study: Yazd). Elham Yousefzade  - 2016

Modeling and zoning of fire hazard in Parcel D4 Tangab forests Firuz abad - 2020

The Protective value of trafficking and endangered species (Case study: Persian Leopard). Bazghandi -2017.

Evaluation of species diversity of birds in Gandoman wetland. Roullah Asgari – 2019.

Litterfall biometrics for Ulmus densa and Pinus eldarica in Yazd University green space - 2020.

Evaluation of growing space and sensitivity of Eldar pine and umbrella pine to windthrow in Yazd University green space – Fahimeh Bayat - 2020

Evaluating the growth and success of tree plantations by mountain almond and wild pistachio in Khatam county, Yazd province. Faezeh Monjeri - 2019.

Effect of hydrolic extracts of Amygdalus scoparia, Ephedra Procera, and Daphne mucronata on the damping-off disease in Eldar pine caused by fusarium oxysporum. Zahra Zeinali- 2019.

Determining a suitable method for investigating the regeneration of wild Cherry (Prunus Avium L.) – Kyian Yegandoost – 2018.

Karyotypic analysis of Quercus infectoria Oliv.

Genetic variation of some population of Quercus brantii base on Karyotypic analysis

Non-sexual spore propagation Quercus brantii by tissue culture

Morphological Variation of some Acer monspesslanum subsp cinerasens populations in southern of Yazd province

The effect of salt stress on some germination characteristics  in some provenance of  tow  Almond species

Study of the soil seed bank in Baghe-shadi forest reserve, Yazd

Selection of appropriate species for afforestation on copper mine tailing

Effects of organic fortification with sprout extracts from horse gram and cowpea on germination and seedlings growth of pinus eldarica and Cupressus sempervirens var horizontalis.