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Introduction of Communications and Networking (ComNet) & the Expansion of the Persian Language

- The Communications and Networking (ComNet) and the expansion of the Persian Language office is an essential componen of the International Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO), which is a crucial aspect of scientific diplomacy.

- The expansion of these initiatives necessitates the introduction of Yazd University's scientific and educational capabilities to other countries and engaging in international activities that promote the development of universities.


Mission of ComNet Office

- In 2019, with the restructuring of Yazd University, the ComNet Office was established as a subsidiary of the ISCO.

- The primary mission of the ComNet Office is to strengthen the university's internationalization approach through increased educational and research collaborations. Faculties and departments must commit to increasing international exchanges of exceptional students, research members, and the development of joint Master's and Ph.D. programs with reputable foreign universities.

Activities and Responsibilities of ComNet Office

- The ComNet Office has organized international congresses, conferences, and seminars.

- It has provided services to Yazd University's faculty members to participate in international congresses, conferences, and seminars.

- The office has planned and coordinated meetings and visits between foreign academic figures and Yazd University's authorities.

- It has arranged visits to observe activities and taken necessary measures for reciprocal visits between academic and research delegations.

- The office conducts necessary studies for drafting contracts, agreements, protocols, and memoranda of understanding with the aim of introduction.

- It proposes and presents international projects and plans.

- The office introduces foreign courses and scholarships to students and faculty members.

- It updates information on the official website and responds to inquiries from volunteers.

- The office identifies and introduces important scientific sessions worldwide and informs the university community, faculties, and other related units in relation to international activities.


Contact Information

Dr. Hamed Azizi is currently the head of the ComNet and the expansion of the Persian Language office.

- Contact information for Dr. Azizi is as follows:

  - 📧 Email: 

  - 🔗 Webpage:

  - 🔗 Personal Webpage:

  - 📞 Phone: 31232465

  - 📠 Fax: 38200135