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Bureau of Communication and Networking

In 2017, the Bureau of Communication and Networking was established as a subset of the management of international and scientific cooperation. Its primary mission is to strengthen the internationalization approach of the university by increasing exchanges of educational-research cooperation. In this regard, the faculty/departments need to be committed to increasing the international exchanges of top students, and their research members and developing joint masters and doctoral programs with other reputable foreign universities.

  • Holding international congresses, conferences, and seminars at the university level.
  • Providing services to university faculty members to participate in international congresses, conferences, and seminars.
  • Planning and coordination for scientific personalities of other countries with the officials of the university.
  • Arranging the university activities and making the necessary arrangements for the joint meetings of the scientific and research faculties.
  • Providing necessary studies for drafting contracts, agreements, protocols, and memorandums of understanding to introduce, propose, and present international plans and projects.
  • Introducing foreign courses and scholarships to students and faculty members.
  • Updating website information and online services.
  • Identifying and introducing the important scientific meetings in the world and to academics and coordinating between universities, colleges, and other affiliated units as a part of international activities.