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Introduction to the Arid and Desert Lands Research Center:

Aligned with the national development goals and the missions of Iran's scientific and research organizations, taking into account the research and technological capabilities of Yazd University and other educational, research, and technological centers, the objectives of this research center are outlined as follows:


1. Provision of facilities, equipment, and scientific personnel to facilitate collaboration with domestic and international scientific-research centers and executive units for the implementation of research projects.

2. Execution of projects aimed at achieving sustainable development in the natural resources and agriculture of arid lands.

3. Conducting various research projects to optimize the utilization of limited water and soil resources in arid and semi-arid regions.

4. Emphasis on enhancing productivity in the fields of agriculture and natural resources.

5. Guidance and implementation of various research projects to apply knowledge-based management methods in arid and desert lands.

6. Identification of factors contributing to desertification and providing scientific solutions for mitigation.

7. Organization of educational-research workshops, scientific conferences, and specialized exhibitions.

8. Establishment of collaboration with scientific-research and popular associations.

9. Collaboration with scientific associations related to research groups, such as the Scientific Association for the Management and Control of Desert Regions.

Research Areas:

To make research activities more applicable to national needs and relevant organizations, the main areas of activity for the affiliated research groups of the research center will include the following, with the possibility of expansion through the development of capabilities and activities:

1. Exploration of various aspects of arid and desert regions.

2. Research on natural resource conservation.

3. Investigation of the quantitative and qualitative status of vegetation cover in arid regions.

4. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative changes in water resources in arid regions.

5. Knowledge exchange at national and international levels with relevant organizations to enhance and transfer experiences.

6. Implementation of research projects in various ecological areas of desert regions.

The director of the research center:

The leadership of the Arid and Desert Lands Research Center is entrusted to Dr. Bahman Kiayi, who holds the position of Head.  For comprehensive information about his background and contributions, interested parties are encouraged to explore his dedicated profile available on the official website of Yazd University: